Michelle Obama Brings High-Profile Women Back To High School

March 19th, 2009 // 4 Comments

Alicia Keys and Sheryl Crow are two ladies who’ve found
fame because of real talent and business savvy, unlike, well, other
.  So the vocal pair were natural picks to join Michelle Obama in helping young women achieve big goals.

The Vogue First Lady is visiting high schools
throughout Washington, D.C. today to tout the case for women and their
careers.  Joining Keys and Crow on the speaking line-up are General
Ann Dunwoody, Mae Jemison, Denyce Graves, Kerry Washington, Debbie
Allen, Maggie Daley, Lisa Leslie, Bobbi Brown, Dominique Dawes,
Phylicia Rashad, Alfre Woodard,
and Penny Pritzker

The all-day celebration of Women’s History Month will end with a
White House dinner tonight, with guest invites extended to a few very
lucky (and shocked) high school students. 

Gallery Info: Sheryl Crow and Alicia Keys visiting schools in hopes of helping students achieve career goals

By Laura Bulchis

  1. Dee Cee

    Miss Crow got her stimulus from American Tax payers? You’d think someone like Sheryl Crow would know better than to accept money from a bank that just got federal money. After all, she was front and center at Obama’s inauguration do’s, and he’s trying to tell the nation that he’s bent on reining these masters of the universe and crooks in…but no… I guess she is well qualified by the O’s in the fun give it all away crookery times at the white house!

  2. Zekers

    @ Dee Cee: What?

    I think it’s great-if they can reach even a couple of students it is well worth the effort.

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