Michelle McGee Strips To Nazi Music

April 24th, 2010 // 15 Comments

Michelle McGee adds fuel to the Nazi rumor fire yesterday as she stripped to dance metal music at her appearance at Deja Vu Adult Emporium in Las Vegas, Nevada.

TMZ released a video of Bombshell McGee taking to the poles to the tune of the German band Rammstein.  She was sans Nazi hat in the video.

The classy title to Rammstein’s “Feuer frei!” is a German military command to start shooting or open fire. 

How does she make it as a stripper?  All she is doing is walking around poles and touching them!  The sisters from Pretty Wild could do a hell of a lot better job than Michelle McGee!

By Caitlin Tadlock

  1. BR

    I love Rammstein and am saddened that they are now associated with this trash. They are not Nazis!
    Please learn about the band before making these kind of slanderous accusations.

  2. LILT

    It’s preposterous to call Rammstein’s Feuer Frei song Nazi music. Feuer frei directly translates to fire freely, or more indirectly to the open fire command, and is used in the context of sex, i.e. ejaculattion. Your lack of research and use of the word Nazi is inflammatory and trashy.

    Talk about gutter press.

  3. maitai

    Rammstein are no Nazis. In fact they are anything but… Most of their lyrics are ironic!

  4. josh

    THEY ARE NOT NAZIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. josh

    THEY ARE NOT NAZIS!!!!!!!!

  6. Patrick NYC

    Man her dad must be so proud. She looks like people I’ve seen walking through a subway, holding poles as they walked.

  7. Rammstein isn't Nazi music

    One of the reasons I like reading this site is because it tends to avoid the gossipy, inflammatory and purposely dumb commentary places like IDontLikeYouInThatWay or PerezHilton have.

    A simple Google search to check facts and a better headline isn’t much to ask is it?

  8. Unnameless

    I was actually front row to this performance on 4/23rd at deja vu in las vegas….she is a veryyyyy sweet woman and very pretty in person, all these pix online dont do her justice in person, but as for her performance all she did was walk around the poles and smile, i could do that and guys were pouring her bills like nothin.


    Your website owes an apology to every musical group with Germanic origins. What makes socialitelife.celebuzz.com think Ramstein is somehow a NAZI musical group? By extension your website is stating everybody who likes Ramstein as a musical group are also NAZI’s. For your information, not every German is a NAZI sympathizer and not every German musical act are NAZI lovers.

  10. Miguel

    This sites are so eager por pageviews that all they write are lies… This trash “news” only misleads and supports a stereotype (a very ugly one, i might add). Do your job, but do it well. Must of all, do it according to truth.
    In Europe, at least, JOURNALISM is done that way!
    Best regards
    Miguel, from Portugal

  11. OMG

    Please, do change this title immediately!!!
    I was SHOCKED that you would call Rammstein a nazi band!!!

  12. Jill

    just adding my agreement – RAMMSTEIN IS NOT A NAZI BAND, and they deserve an APOLOGY – you better apologize and change this before their management sues…..

  13. Rammstein Fanatic

    Their management has already been contacted. Don’t be surprised if you’re sued upside down, 3 times left, 3 times right and all the way to next Sunday for slander. Because this is what this is; slander, pure and simple. SLANDER.

    Rammstein are left wingers. I might add their manager is not Caucasian. So Nazi right?

    Get a life you pathetic tabloid writers!

  14. fofofo

    i ghjk on nm

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