Michelle ‘Bombshell’ McGee Just Wanted Her Strip Club

I’m not sure I buy this story, but then again I didn’t swallow the Michelle McGee bombshell to begin with. Now, with Sandra Bullock moved out and out of sight, and Jesse James apology I had to admit Jesse tangoed with the tattooed lady.

Now a source “close” to McGee told Chicago Sun-Times that the Socal Girl wanted money from James to start a strip club/nightspot that she “dreamed up.” He reportedly refused and also denied her hush money leading a fuming Michelle to go to In Touch for $30,000.

Looking at Jesse’s face these days I have a feeling that the alleged cheater a) did not know this was coming, therefore did not get a request for hush money and b) would have gladly paid up to avoid being American’s Slimeball.

Now that Michelle has $30,000 in her thong I wonder if she’ll open that Nazi/doctor/Amish strip spot.