Michelle Williams Wants To Get ‘Emotionally Naked’ In Her Films

Michelle Williams, whose been getting major buzz over her work in Blue Valentine, said she’s attracted to movies where she has to get naked. No, not that kind of naked…though there’s a lot of that too in her recent work!

When asked how she handled getting “emotionally nude” in Blue Valentine, Williams said, “Well, that’s a quality that I’m always looking for in work, in my work. So, then the physical nudity is something kind of separate which I’ve never jumping at the chance to take off my clothes, but it is to me it’s a fragment, it’s a small portion of the story and my overriding desire and passion to tell the story as a whole tells that part of myself to be quiet. After I made Blue Valentine I said, ‘Well, okay, that’s it for nudity on film for me. I’m done. Done and dusted. I’m putting that to bed.'”

However her next film calls for nudity as well!

I read this script that [actor/director] Sarah Polley wrote. Nudity all over the place, and I had to recant. I wanted to tell the story so badly. I was on fire to play that part and I wasn’t going to let something that has to do with fear, something that has to do with insecurity or something that has to do with vanity get in the way of my kind of bigger qualities.”

I guess it is safe to say we will be seeing a whole lot more of Michelle in 2011!