Michelle Williams & Jason Segel Enjoy A New York Summer [PHOTOS]

Michelle Williams
The star posed for GQ's February 2012 issue.
Look! It’s everybody’s favorite hipster couple, Michelle Williams and Jason Segel.

The duo was spotted enjoying a weekend stroll in New York City. Michelle looked quite cute and comfy in short shorts and a buttoned up shirt. She really knows how to make every outfit work. I admire that about her.

Jason and Michelle have been fairly quiet about their relationship–in fact Jason has only talked about it once–but they seem like a perfect match. He’s weird and quirky and super tall, she’s weird and quirky and super short, it just seems to work, don’t you think?

Jason even has pictures of Michelle on the back of his phone. If that’s not true, hipster love, then I don’t know what is. Also, rumor has it that Jason really likes Michelle’s daughter, Matilda. Now that is a key issue.

Check out all the photos of the cute couple in the gallery. Where do they rank on your list of favorite celebrity couples?