Michelle Williams Is Proud Of Her Work

Michelle Williams hit the premiere of her new film, Blue Valentine last night in NYC looking all sorts of pretty in an Azzaro dress.  The actress is proud of the work she’s done in Valentine (Rated NC-17), among other recent projects.  So proud that someday she’ll let daughter Matilda watch them.  Williams told MTV News, “I’ve been thinking about that recently, the last couple days. I thought, ‘What would her reaction to Blue Valentine be?’ I feel proud of this movie, and I feel like I could stand behind it when she grows up and says, ‘What were you doing for those two months in Pennsylvania?’ I feel like I could say, ‘This is what I made.'”

Also on the red carpet to celebrate the premiere were co-star Ryan Gosling, Gossip Girl bad-ass Michelle Trachtenberg, and Dean Winters (Liz Lemon’s weirdo ex-boyfriend in 30 Rock).