Michelle Rodriguez Continues To Publically Suck On Zac Efron’s Face In Ibiza

Zac & Michelle In Ibiza
The Two New Love Birds Party In Spain
Get it, girl!

36-year-old babe of all babes Michelle Rodriguez continues to be a queen boss ass bitch. First she was spotted sucking face with gorgeous model Cara Delevingne and we all marveled at this with wide eyes and fluttering fairy tale hearts.

But it’s her latest escapades with 26-year-old  hunky hunk Zac Efron that have really set off our hormones. According to Daily Mail, the two could barely keep their hands off one another as they frolicked along the beach, walked around town, and sunbathed on a yacht. And it got pretty hot and heavy.

Seen here, new couple Michelle Rodriguez and Zac Efron continue their vacation together on a luxury yacht in Ibiza, Spain on August 2nd. The pair were hanging out, laughing, and joking with friends. Michelle was wearing a t-shirt that read, ‘Sex, Drugs & Rap’.

According to Us Weekly, Michelle sported a Sponge Bob beanie hat while Efron jumped through the waves on a jet ski with the majestic beauty of a rare, glistening dolphin.

I’m absolutely soaking in this dream that is Michelle’s perfectly perky little tah tahs in a black bikini and Zac’s insanely rock hard abs in his swim trunks. One can only hope that this lasts forever and that the celebrity universe continues to be awesome for just a little while.