Michelle Dockery, Rob James-Collier & The Cast Of ‘Downton Abbey’ Look Good & Tease Some Season 4 Spoilers

Shirtless 'Downton' Hottie
Footman 'James' gets wet & wild at the beach!
After all the drama that happened on season 3, plenty of folks are looking forward to seeing what happens to the Crawley family on Downton Abbey.

Lucky for us, the cast of the hit ITV show was on hand last night in North Hollywood to not only look good, but to give us some teasers on season 4.

Before we talk teasers, let’s talk fashion. And let’s talk about the fact that Rob James-Collier who plays Thomas buzzed his hair! What’s going on! You’re supposed to look like this. Bring the hair back, please. 

Someone who does not need to change a thing about her is Michelle Dockery. My god is she gorgeous. I am loving her purple dress. It shows off her slim figure and perfect legs. Michelle wasn’t the only Downton lady looking flawless. Elizabeth McGovern and Joanne Froggattboth looked amazing as well.

So, what’s in store for season 4? Well with her husband dying at the end of season 3, Michelle’s Mary is in a bit of a rut with her 6-month old son. She told reporters,

The predicament that Mary’s in now is that she does need to find someone eventually. She has the heir to Downton, and she is under pressure to find someone. In that world, women had to find someone. It was all about marriage and who you’d spend the rest of your life with.”

Although she does mention that her future husband has yet to be introduced on the show. Launch the gallery to check out all the fashion from the Downton red carpet. Are you excited about season 4? Let us know in the comments!