Michaele Salahi Wasn’t Kidnapped, She Left Her Husband For The Dude From Journey

This next bit of news is…something else.  The Real Housewives Of D.C. cretin/White House crasher Michaele Salahi was reported missing by her Cabernet sucking husband, Tareq yesterday in Virginia according to TMZ.  Mr. Salami told the site that he last spoke with the Missus around 11 AM yesterday before heading off to his “winery.”  Michaele claimed that she was going to get her hair done, but never returned.

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Later that night, Tareq received a phone call from an Oregon number and Michaele was on the other line.  She told her husband that she was fine and dealing with “family issues,” but Tareq told TMZ that he believed Michaele was forced to make the phone call by her abductor.  When Tareq filed a kidnapping report with the local police, who he claimed weren’t taking it seriously.

Welp, Michaele wasn’t kidnapped.  She ran away with Journey’s lead guitarist Neal Schon. The band’s rep confirmed to TMZ, “Nobody kidnapped her and they are in Memphis together.”  Amazing.  It appears these two rascals dated in the past and, according to Michaele, their relationship was “intimate and passionate.”  Gross.

We started to feel bad for Tareq, then remembered what a worm he is.  Michaele’s just as crazy, but she’ll contract some sort of STD on the tour bus soon enough.  What’s fair is fair.