Michael Pitt Is Not “It”

February 6th, 2004 // 11 Comments

Let’s just start this off by saying, the other Pitt (Brad that is) has nothing to worry about. Michael Pitt, has let himself morph into a dirty homeless person. He was sexy in “The Dreamers”, but he’s just become unacceptable. I must disagree with Karen, greasy doesn’t make sexy.

Maybe as Elizabeth Spears noted, he’s just stoned out of his mind and doesn’t notice. And Gawker is spending way too much time focusing on the “unwashed and vacuous” Michael Pitt.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Mark

    He definitely looks hot in The Dreamers, but pretty much anyone who goes to the gym can look like that if they have his lighting people. The only difference between him and the general population is that we all have personalities.

  2. michael

    he’s hot

  3. fi

    He’s beautiful …you’re all insane.

    (Brad Pitt looks like a gorilla)

  4. amelia

    he is beyond gourgeous. Its his eyes. the way he looks at someone he wants in any of his movies is incredible.

  5. dave

    Anyone who goes to a gym can look like him? I’d say you’d better avoid the gym, and either avoid eating or puke up anything you do eat… if you want to look all scrawny, pale, and limp like he does.

  6. Ginger

    Micheal is extremly sexy with his pillow soft lipz and beautiful eyes…i dont see why people could dislike him…hes perfect!!!!!

  7. Hatter

    I wouldn’t say that Michael Pitt is beautiful. More like interesting. Beautiful goes for the perfect little china dolls you can pamper and lock away…
    And I have to agree, he sometimes really looks like a dirty, homeless person.
    You know, with that effort, at least he could get clean. His clothes… Well, he has a certain style, and to be wearing that he does not have to be dirty.
    If you want my personal opinion, yes, I agree, sometimes he looks good. But I can’t stand people who don’t take at least a little bit of care of themselves.
    Beautiful for me does not only mean that somebody has pretty eyes and… lush lips. For me it means the whole picture. And that’s it.
    But interesting… can be as fascinating as beautiful.

  8. Leeli

    he needs to clean up and find a stylits and new hair cut but after!!…..is so totally hot!!.. if you know what I mean

  9. Kelly

    He’s beautiful. All you people talking about dirty clothes or “looking like a homeless person” are so shallow it’s shameful. The “whole picture?” You mean the person is not enough, you also need the hair product and the wardrobe. Who cares? He’s best when he’s naked anyway.

  10. leeli

    reponse to kelly…it’s hollywood baby

  11. alen

    i think he is good looking. I personally do not find brad pitt as hot as people think or say. michael is very pretty, because my opinon is that there is NOOO PERSONN in the whole white world that looks hot anywhere, anyplacey, anytime or to everyone

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