Michael Phelps Won A Few Medals

August 19th, 2008 // 11 Comments

Michael Phelps will become Sports Illustrated’s newest cover merman, showing off the eight medals he won at the Olympics in Beijing.

Phelps, who looks suspiciously like the world’s tallest man in the photo, is doing a reset of the cover Mark Spitz did in 1972 after he set the record that Phelps broke. The record that caused Phelps to kick his Burt Reynolds’ lookin’ ass!

Is he naked in this photo? If I was into that, I’d feel a tingle.

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. suz

    Shame he’s still an ugly fucker, though.

  2. Zekers

    Hey suz, lets put your picture up here and judge…

    Anyway, I was going to say, I’m really impressed with this guy…wonder if he’d race me? I bet I could beat him…if I got him drunk first and tied up both feet and one arm!

  3. june

    no he isnt naked. you can see his swimsuit on the left side in the very corner.

  4. Eva

    Miu, are you back?

  5. J

    why is no one allowed to say he’s ugly? dammit, he is! fine. he can swim, but he is goddamned ugly and it should be said. not the least bit attractive in any type of way. by the way, i’m cute to anyone who wants to say, “well, how do YOU look?!”

  6. Vicki

    That cover shot is completely freaking me out. Could they make him look a little less like he just took off his corset and got up off a medieval rack?

    Congrats to the guy, but… *shiver*

  7. T-Bone

    I think he’s kinda cute. He’s in great shape, he’s an amazing athlete (of world record proportions), he’s a dog lover, he’s a nice kid, he loves his mom, AND, he’s about to become a bazillionaire! Can’t argue with success. Congratulations Michael Phelps!

  8. piper

    Vicki, my thoughts exactly. Flamming red cover background draped in red ribbons…whomever was responsible for this cover of a world champion need to be fired from Sports Illustrated. He’s the most decorated gold medalist in the World…and Sports Illustrated didn’t spare this basic photo that exploits rather than Premiere such an outstanding swimmer. Phelps make sure your agent demands more quality photo’s…you’ve earned it!

  9. Reb

    Very nice picture set – I disagree with the “he’s ugly” comments. But to each their own. I find him very sexy, sweet and attractive

  10. ella

    He’s hot!! Michael Phelps, if you ever need a trophy wife/girlfriend/date/cheap one night stand, I’m here for ya. Srsly.

  11. cool breeze

    is that a halter top he’s wearing?

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