Michael Lohan’s First Arrest Of The Year

January 29th, 2010 // 1 Comment

New Year, Same You, Michael Lohan.

Lohan was arrested today for violating the restraining order his ex girlfriend Erin Muller filed against him for kicking her in the vag.  He called her at work on January 21st a violation of the order. If this all doesn’t sound ridiculous enough, he was arrested for doing the same thing in December. After operation leak recorded phone conversations with your own daughter, I would want to avoid talking to him on the phone too.

Lohan is allegedly calling his ex, even though he is dating, nay possibly moving in with, someone new: 26 year old Kate Major, Jon Gosselin‘s maybe tabloid reporter ex. The day after the phone call Papa Lohan attended the “Halfway to the Jersey Shore Party” at McFadden’s in Philadelphia wither her…and Gosselin’s other ex Hailey Glassman. Maybe Lohan was calling to invite Muller to the party along with the rest of the ex clan. 

By Madison Ventura

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