Michael Lohan Still Trying To Seize Control Over Lindsay

Michael Lohan: concerned father or fame whore? A comparison that could only be made when one is referencing the crazy existence that is Lindsay Lohan.

Michael is stirring up trouble again with his daughter, on his way to LA tomorrow to begin that legal battle for conservatorship over the troubled star. He says he wouldn’t mind if someone else took the role but he’d be glad to step in. SURE you would. The dead beat dad is wielding the legal battle as a threat to Lindsay for refusing to see him. I guess that’s how Hollywood crazies give time outs!

ML apparently wants Lindsay, pictured with her mother in NYC Friday, to do a private kind of rehab with special nurses and doctors at her disposal. And who’s gonna pay for that, huh? Lindsay is eating street hot dogs now, for god’s sake!

The feud continues.