Michael Lohan Gives His Blessing On Lindsay And Samantha’s Reunion

June 10th, 2009 // 5 Comments

Isn’t that sweet. Michael Lohan is okay with his daughter Lindsay Lohan‘s reunion with Samantha Ronson because they haven’t attempted to kill each other in the last few days.

“My son (Michael Lohan) spent time with his sister in London and tells me she’s controlling herself – she may have gone out and drank a little bit and stuff but she was in control. She was doing the right thing.”

Her father has been critical of the actress’ relationship with Ronson in the past, but he’s willing to give the girls a pass if the DJ appears to be good for his daughter.

He adds, “I’m happy to see that while she (Lohan) was there (in London), Samantha had her business and Lindsay had her own and there was no turmoil. They were able to be in the same city abroad and there were no problems… Let’s see what happens.”

?Well, the couple is back on U.S. soil and Lindsay has been spotted at Samantha Ronson’s house, she and Samantha have been sporting the same necklace (see the photo above). I honestly don’t know how much more of LiRo I can take.

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: Lindsay Lohan leaving Samantha Ronson‘s house while Sam is shopping in Beverly Hills

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. jacq

    Awww, how sweet matching nalgas necklaces! I guess that’s how they pledged eternal love – Ho has Sam’s balls and Sam got HoHan’s!

  2. madame c

    Ummmmmmmmm….. Does any one else notice the creepy similarity between samantha ronson and Lindsay’s Dad. Really they look alike….yuck!!

  3. Martiniman

    Wow Madame, no kidding…yikes.

  4. American Dreamer

    Jesus Christ what happened to Michael Lohan’s face!!! He turned into an octogenarian overnight. Must be from all that worrying over his daughter. Or beating up his girlfriend (who looks like his daughter).

    I have a close friend that dated Michael Lohan before he married Lindsay’s mother and my friend told me that Michael (1) was a small time crook even back then, (2) was a total cocaine addict (which ended their relationship) even back then (addiction is genetic and Lindsay got it from both sides!) and (3) both Michael and his wife Dina are totally broke and Dina is in danger of losing her home for defaulting on the mortgage…and Michael is living off handouts from friends. The whole family should be sent to the poorhouse.

  5. Zekers

    Wait…Michael has friends???

    …and madame c, whoa, he really does-oh my!

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