Michael Lohan Brings The Cops To Lindsay Lohan’s Apartment

I think I was one of the few people out there who agreed with Dr. Drew that going over to Lindsay Lohan’s house with the po po to take her to rehab was a great idea. I hope this is the only time that Michael Lohan and I are close to being on the same page.

Michael wasn’t exactly taking Lindsay to rehab, the visit was called a “welfare check”. Does he mean what she’s probably using for her shopping sprees, because no one’s checked on this girls welfare in a long time.

Why now?

Sources told TMZ that Michael made a “compelling case” to the Sheriff’s deputies, I guess more compelling than his press conference plea, and they made there way to Lindsay’s apartment where Ali Lohan was also staying. Reportedly he told the deputies that Lindsay’s car was going over 100 mph on the way back from Coachella with Ali in it.

Nothing seems to have come out of the visit except that Lindsay tweeted that she was angry Dina Lohan wants a restraining order against Michael so he can’t see Lindsay. So really nothing new happened at all.