Michael Lohan And Dinah Lohan Competing For Best Parent Award

In Touch magazine has obtained a hand-written letter from Lindsay Lohan’s father that he penned for his daughter from his cell in prison. In it, he sends his thoughts of encouragement about her decision to go into rehab and commends her for “taking back control of your life.” The ShowBuzz reports:

He talks about what she will learn, presumably in rehab. “Turning to God is the most important part of turning it all around. Living by the truth, God’s principles and people who do the same. Make that searching moral inventory and ‘clean house,’ ” he writes. “Then fill it with love, forgiveness and all that you know is right by God rather than man. People, places and things are huge factors Lindsay, remember that. Believe me, I know!”

Is it wrong that he actually seems to be making more sense to me than Lindsay’s attention-loving mother? If it were Dinah, Lindsay would have received that information via Entertainment Tonight.