Michael Lohan Engaged?

If you thought for one second that Dina Lohan would be getting more publicity than her ex-husband because she now has a reality series on the air, you would be sorely mistaken. First of all, he’s spilling each and every thought in his crazy head to OK! magazine ensuring maximum coverage. And now, Michael Lohan, whose divorce from Dina was finalized in August 2007 after over a year of squabbling, is reportedly planning to get remarried.

Allegedly, vocal Mr. Lohan showed up to Kim Kardashian’s Hamptons party with a blonde on his arm. The Dina Lohan clone is Erin Muller and Michael introduced her to a paparazzo as “Lindsay’s future step-mom.” Damn Kim. Michael Lohan can get into your parties? That’s sad.

These are some dated pictures, but perhaps Michael was showing his lady the kind of diamonds he’d be able to afford once he sold out his family for a primo deal with OK! Magazine.

Photos: Flynet Online