Michael Lohan Wants To Keep Divorcing Dina Lohan

Michael Lohan is telling anyone who will listen that he is planning on reopening his divorce case with his ex-wife. He feels that he was shortchanged the first time around by Dina, telling the New York Daily News, “I gave her the family house, all the furniture and the $200,000 she owed me just so that I could see my kids and have a relationship with them.”

Now, he’s crying foul, saying that Dina has done little to encourage a relationship between his children and their grandparents, his parents. He’s also saying that she stole the idea for her E! reality show from him. “It’s the exact same show I pitched,” he stated. “She even used my title.”

I feel like Michael is less a father and more like an embedded reporter in the Family Lohan camp. This family gives press releases like most people fart. And they’re never the silent, but deadly kind–always loud and juicy.