Michael Johns Celebrating Being Booted Off ‘Idol’ By Drinking Whynattes

Michael Johns was the Australian dude who got booted off American Idol last week much to everyone’s chagrin. Well, to the chagrin of matrons and Australians. No, seriously, people were shocked. Mostly because people know that Kristy Lee Cook must be vanquished before mountains crumbles and rivers boil and hell on earth begins. Because she’s the Antichrist.

Michael’s doing fine, and appreciating everyone’s feeling that he was axed unjustly.

“It’s day to day. Everyone’s been so positive since I was voted off, and saying I was robbed and that I’m going to have a great career, to think about Chris Daughtry. So that’s all so sweet,” Johns said when asked how he was coping with being ousted. Dude, not Daughtry. Please take up death metal before you follow in that monster’s footsteps. His music is like being kicked in the nuts and then asked for ten bucks.

Michael also mentioned that he went to Atlanta and enjoyed a cocktail called a Whynatte, which is Jaeger mixed with espresso. Great, so you can be completely awake while you vomit. Jaegermeister is so gross. I’d rather drink the most rotgut tequila that they have. And don’t tell me it’s better out of the freezer. That just keeps you even more awake for the gross!

Photos: BauerGriffinOnline.com