Michael Jackson’s Doctor Gets Searched

July 22nd, 2009 // Leave a Comment

Michael Jackson passed away about a month ago, and officials are still busily trying to figure out why. After LaToya Jackson went off on her whole “my brother was murdered” thing, it just so happened that she wasn’t that far off as the LAPD started to treat the death as a murder.

The office of main not-a-formal-suspect-but-so-a-suspect-it’s-not-even-funny, Dr. Conrad Murray, was raided yesterday according to E! Online. Authorities seem to very interested in what Dr. Murray was prescribing to the late pop star, especially giving him Propofol, which can basically kill people who improperly use it.

The Drug Enforcement Administration and some local police showed up at Murray’s Houston office yesterday to carry out the search. While Murray’s lawyer, Ed Chernoff, tells E! News that the search was unexpected, he still maintains that Murray is not a suspect.

DEA spokesperson, Rusty Payne, claims that “This is an LAPD case–we’re really just assisting,” with Payne also confirming that the search was about Propofol.

I have a very important question. If the man with all the access to the lethal prescription drugs whose office is getting raided didn’t kill Michael Jackson, who did?

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By Sabba Rahbar

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