Michael Jackson’s Children Aren’t His Biologically

June 30th, 2009 // 10 Comments

With more pictures emerging of Michael Jackson‘s children, people have increasingly been wondering why they don’t seem to resemble their father. TMZ claims that this is because the late King of Pop was not the sperm donor used to conceive the children via in vitro.

In addition, the site also says that Debbie Rowe was just the surrogate in the process because her eggs weren’t used to conceive the children. This, of course, refers to the two eldest children left behind by the passing of their father, Michael.

However, the Jackson family is reportedly still hoping to maintain contact with Rowe because of her close personal connection with the singer.

A business associate of the family, and a friend of Debbie’s, Marc Schaffel told People, “They had an incredible bond and friendship even prior to the marriage… Debbie was a very good friend to Michael during all those years.”

Despite the connection, however, the Jackson clan remain adamant about their custody claim on the children. Papers filed by Katherine Jackson state that they “have no relationship with their biological mother” as opposed to their “long established relationship” with their grandmother.

Meanwhile, as these pictures show, the memorial commemorating the pop star’s passing continues to grow.

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Gallery Info: Debbie Rowe and Michael Jackson together and the growing memorial to Michael Jackson.

By Lisa Timmons


    this juse keeps getting weirder and weirder

  2. stewie

    I am sooo shocked


  3. someone

    Is that a hugh surprize to anyone, you can look at those kids and see he isn’t thier bio father, but he has been thier father since they were born, and the only dad they have known!

  4. Zekers

    Yes, weirder and weirder…now CNN is saying that Michael’s body will be on display at Neverland for public viewing…and weirder…

  5. mel

    No shit Sherlock

  6. jane

    Of course he would pay some one to have children for him. No matter how much surgery and skin bleaching, his DNA is hard coded black and this freak would not risk having a black child. Michael was a sick perverted freak.

  7. Jacq

    You don’t have to look too deep into those eyes to see that this man was clearly physically disconcerted by actually touching a female. He was another breed of freak, even the gayest gay loves to grab a handful of tit every now and then. Or at least it doesn’t make him throw up in his mouth…

  8. Smarter than you

    These are Michael’s children. They look like him and his mother.

  9. Michael Jacksons gurl

    these r his children I love mj he’s the most cutest guy i will ever know come on he’s super hot mj i loved him with the new nose old nose perm and no perm Jerry curls everything he’s the most hottest person in the world

  10. Michaael Jackson gurl

    i ‘m not gay not even close but if u wanna kno if that was the real Michael Jackson who died request a DNA test come on people

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