Michael Jackson Would Like To Adopt

March 23rd, 2009 // 4 Comments

Michael Jackson, who’s in London right now promoting his “final curtain call” summer concert series, would like to go kid-shopping.

Ignore the fact he barely dodged the child molestation bullet back in 2005 and might be suffering from some sort of weird Jackson genetic disorder (yes, we said might be), Michael thinks he makes an “ideal” parent.

Someone allowed close enough to MJ and his medical masks told Britain’s Daily Express:

“His life is his children. Wherever he goes, they go, and he has said it would be good to have another child. Contact has been made with an adoption agency in Britain which has a very good reputation. He senses he is viewed differently here than he is in the States.
Before his concerts he has said he wants to spend at least three weeks
in Britain, getting used to the time zone and exploring the country…It is during this period that he wants to have meetings about
adoption. He has not said if he wants a boy or a girl, just that it
would be good for the family to have ­another brother or sister.”

Color us shallow, but we just want to see what kind of ludicrous name this British kid will be lucky enough to inherit. Prince Michael, Paris and Blanket are practically Mike and Jane compared to M.I.A’s latest round of baby name genius.

Gallery Info: Michael Jackson being totally normal and “ideal” father-like in London

By Melissa Noble

  1. therealdana

    Sounds like “Blanket,” and “Prince” (and the other one) are getting to the age where they realize their “daddy” is a complete freak show. He needs to get fresh supplies.

  2. suzanne

    I didn’t think you could adopt in the UK once you were past 50……? And Lord knows how on earth he’d get past all those inevitable questions about his arrests and court appearances!

  3. Green Is Good

    It looks like Michael is trying to keep his nose from falling off in the main pic.

  4. siwillia

    Another stupid rumor.

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