Michael Jackson Looking For “A New Day” Of His Own In Vegas

For those of you not gay enough to get the Celine Dion reference above, I apologize. It seems that Michael Jackson is relocating to Las Vegas in the hopes of recharging his career, by working with the man responsible for helping create Vegas deals with the likes of Michael Flatley, Britney Spears, Richard Branson and Mohamed al-Fayed. The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports:

Ending 18 months of seclusion in Europe, reclusive superstar Michael Jackson was on a plane to the United States late Saturday bound for Las Vegas, where he plans a comeback. Jackson and his three children, Prince Michael, Paris and Prince Michael II were due to arrive before midnight at a private executive terminal at McCarran International Airport, sources said. We hear that Jackson’s friend, Las Vegas dealmaker Jack Wishna, was instrumental in having the pop icon move back to the United States.

I just hope his “show” involves singing and dancing and not so much of the pederasty–er, I mean, “alleged” pederasty. My bad.

NORM: Michael Jackson landing on Strip? [Las Vegas Review-Journal]

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