Michael Jackson Fighting Skin Cancer?

May 16th, 2009 // 3 Comments

The newest rumor circulating about Michael Jackson is that the suspiciously light-skinned singer is secretly battling skin cancer.

While the pop star has long since denied rumors that he lightens his skin–instead claiming to suffer from vitiligo–skin bleaching is well-known to raise an individual’s risk for skin cancer.

Meanwhile, in a rare glimpse of the King of Pop without a face mask, Jackson was photographed out shopping in Beverly Hills with his children. I almost didn’t recognize them without their festive shopping outfits.

Gallery Info: Michael Jackson shops for toys with his children out in Beverly Hills.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. nicola

    he doesnt want his children to be photographed…the masks look ridiculous but its probably to only way around this!

  2. rachael

    its worth the odd occasion of looking ridiculous if it means they are not recognized when out in with out their father.
    id also like to point out that vitiligo can also lead to skin cancer- because the sufferer has no pigment in their skin, any sunlight can lead to severe sunburn, and we all know what sunburn can lead to!
    sorry but its annoying me the way all the media reports are implying that he got cancer through bleaching his skin without adding the facts about vitiligo’s link to the diesese as well.

  3. marjorie torres

    michael is a nice guy i just dont get why some people judge him without even knowing who he really is! i hate judgementals and i also hate how medias bombard peoples head with malicious issues against michael are they that perfect to judge someone else?

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