Michael Jackson Competing For Attention During Anna Nicole/Britney’s Wiffle Concurrent Dramas


Michael Jackson and his scary visage are being sued by the family of a Santa Monica woman who died of a heart attack after doctors at the Marian Medical Center in Santa Maria, California allegedly moved her from life support to another room to make way for Michael, his plastic face, his veiled children and his entourage. Michael had come into the medical facility complaining of flu-like symptoms during his molestation trial in February 2005.

San Luis Obispo attorney James McKiernan, who is representing the family, told reporters his clients expected a certain level of care at the hospital, but instead their dying mother was allegedly “hustled” aimlessly about the hospital and unhooked from a life support system to create privacy for Jackson and his entourage in the trauma room.

Well, why not? Gotta make some scratch somehow. Though, I don’t think he has that much money left. Didn’t he sell the amusement park he was using to lure children into his bed? If he loses, maybe he can borrow some cash off that lady who kept releasing doves outside the courtroom during his not-guilty verdict. That’s gotta cost something, all those pretty white doves!