Michael Jackson’s Weeping Witness

Beware of Michael wanting to play tickling games, cause Jacko’s gonna get ya in your private areas. That’s what the son of Jackson’s former housekeeper testified happened back in 1990.

The witness said that over a span of several years, Jackson twice touched his groin over his clothes during tickling games at Jackson’s Los Angeles-area condominium, which he and his mother referred to as “the hideaway,” and in a third incident reached under his clothes at Jackson’s Neverland ranch. Jackson gave him $100 after each of the first two incidents but nothing after the third one, he said.

“We were tickling. He was tickling and I was laughing and the — it was, he was — he was tickling me in the…,” the witness said before asking the judge for a break. He wiped his eyes and drank some water. “He was tickling me. I was wearing shorts again. … He reached on my leg and I’m still laughing and he reached up to my — privates,” the witness said.

As he began to describe the alleged molestation he apologized to prosecutor Ron Zonen for his halting testimony and said: “This took a lot of counseling to get over, just to let you know.” The defense asked that the comment be struck from the record and Judge Rodney S. Melville agreed.

The witness said that Jackson touched him in that incident for two or three minutes and that he remembered thinking, “I should probably go.” Asked whom he first told of the incident, the witness said, “Probably God.”

Note to anyone whom someone who gets tickled in their private areas, God doesn’t have the phone number to the police.

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