Michael Jackson Faces Accuser

MjtrialwatchAccording to testimony, the child used to call Jacko “daddy.” Ewwww.

The boy gave the same account his brother had of looking at sexually explicit Web sites on their second night at Neverland after their parents gave them permission to sleep in Jackson’s room. He said it was Jackson’s idea that they sleep in his room.

The boy said one of Jackson’s employees, Frank Tyson, began looking at sites on the Internet as the others watched.

The witness said they looked at women or teenage girls on about seven sites for a period of 15 to 30 minutes, and he repeated an account his brother had given about a remark Jackson allegedly made.

“There was this girl with her shirt up and it was all quiet and stuff and Michael’s like, ‘Got milk?'” he said.

At another point, Jackson whispered in the ear of his sleeping son, Prince Michael, saying his son was missing out and using a slang for female genitalia. [AP]

I’m just wondering how long it will take before the defense lawyer catches the kid in a lie. We’ll be three for three. Can’t wait until the mother testifies.