Ironically, Michael Jackson Is Scared Of Us

Michael Jackson was reportedly set to sing on the season finale of American Idol this year, but David Archuleta wouldn’t sleep over at Neverland, so the deal was off. Actually, MJ reportedly suffered from a severe case of stage fright, and cancelled 24 hours prior to singing in front of the 27 million viewers who tuned in.

David Archuleta’s dad Jeff would totally pimp his son’s ass out to MJ for tracks, though. Don’t be fooled.

It was supposed to have been his big comeback. Hasn’t he had like ten of those already? Yet, he still keeps rolling up on events dressed in a burqua and talking about climbing trees and the joy of sharing your bed with small boys and they just render the comebacks useless!

“I can’t do it. Everyone will hate me,” he reportedly said. Well, try to tame the freakiness in if you want to reach and connect with the audience!

Simon Fuller, who is the man behind the Spice Girls, is reportedly helping Michael with making yet another comeback sometime in the near future. How many comebacks does one scary ghoul get allotted in a lifetime?

By the way, these pics are of Michael Jackson at a UFC championship event in Vegas last weekend. No, he really wore that. And sat in a wheelchair the whole time. Sure, I can see why he’s frightened of people. We just don’t understand him.

Photos: Splash