Michael Jackson Confuses Burkha WIth Abaya

January 26th, 2006 // 16 Comments

Apparently, while trying to heed Kate Beckinsale‘s adivce, Michael Jackson became a little confused. His poor children. How can they not become freaks?

Where Does Islam Stand On Drag [Proceed at your own risk]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. King Smart Ian

    Any chance they still stone people to death over there?

  2. doofus

    the man belongs in jail.

    take away his children and put him in San Quentin!


  3. i like boys

    creep. used to be a fan. now, i am appalled. jerk.

  4. Unknown

    King Smart Ian, you crack me up! why is someone this….freaky….allowed to raise children?!?

  5. Fugly Girl

    Doofus, I agree with you on all but one point. There is no way that is his kid! That kid is whiter than Nicole Kidman!

  6. IS

    It’s none of your busyness what he or anyone else
    is wearing .I feel pity for people who have sent
    all those stupid , filthy remarks , because they are
    so narrow-minded and prejudiced that they can condemn a person whom they dodn’t know at all, relying on a remark in a cheap tabloid . And all of you shouldn’t forget that everyone has the right to
    privacy , which in this case has been violated.

  7. IS

    And one more thing. The person is considered innocent unless the oposite is proven in the court .
    During the trial cheap tabloids and even large media
    treated Michael Jackson as though he had been found
    guilty , and after the trial they continued to do
    that . This is the violation of human rights .They are doing this to make money .And if some people are
    so blinkered , bigoted and intolerant as to believe
    tabloids , they are dumb and easy to manipulate.

  8. bestdress

    The King of Pop dressed like the Queen of the Night…Interesting but I still love him!

  9. Unknown


  10. Hypocrites-R-Us

    They said he walked into a mall looking like that, whith his kids wearing veils. Did he know people would notice? Probably!
    And from what I hear that’s men’s wear.
    Say what you want about Michael Jackson but he really brings out the racist/homophobe/sexist in even the loudest selfproclaimed liberal, doesn’t he?
    I’ve never seen so many “colonial” comments as the ones written since he moved to the middle east!

  11. doofus

    to hypocrites…honestly, where are the racist/homophobic/sexist remarks? did you mean on THIS SITE specifically?

    seems like most remarks here (and on other blogs) are related to his (alleged) child molestation. I don’t care what color he is (even tho HE does), he likes to diddle little boys. and that is disgusting and criminal.

    to IS…we don’t know him? are you kidding? I think most people know MJ more than he’d like them to. how exactly was his privacy violated? were the pictures taken in a private place? did the photographers trespass? newsflash for ya: he is a PUBLIC FIGURE in a PUBLIC PLACE.

    and us snarks have EVERY right to comment on his appearance. you don’t have to like it, but I’d suggest you not read this gossip blog anymore because it’s not going to stop anytime soon.

    and to Fugly Girl…excellent point. is there ANYone on this planet who actually believes those kids are from HIS seed? Kidman-white skin, white-blond hair and blue eyes?

    Oh, one more thing to IS…our court system isn’t perfect. sometimes guilty people go free and innocent ones go to jail. Just because MJ wasn’t FOUND guilty doesn’t mean he ISN’T guilty.

  12. mirai

    I guess this is a good choice of clothes in that he blends in and looks like a local woman but I am not sure why he decided to cover his kids heads like that. Seems unecessary. It is a little bizarre that he chooses traditional islamic womens wear and slightly disrespectful culturally.

  13. Hypocrites-R-Us

    Although I’m sure “King Smart Ian” may not have ment it that way it was this comment that kinda made me snap:
    “Any chance they still stone people to death over there?” Not the worst thing I’ve ever heard but it’s just so in line with all the other ignorant western comments I’ve been hearing lately. I think MJ moving there have made it so very obvious how little the west knows, and CARES to know, about countries outside the US or Europe.
    While it also bothers me that people belive everything they read about Michael Jackson, even obviously made up rumours, I’m really disturbed by how this hidden belif that the west is superiour to the rest of the world kinda seeps out in some comments. Michael Jackson posts (where ever they are) always seems to bring out the *worst* in people, and then I’m not talking about kiddy-jokes. It seems he’s a great tool for finding out how people REALLY feel about black people, gays and women. Countless of times I have seen total strangers and great online buddies of mine who one second defends all human rights compleatly loose when talking about MJ! Hence my name..
    It just makes me loose faith in people and I think people should *think* about what they are saying. Just because you are saying it about Michael Jackson it doesn’t make it ok!

  14. doofus

    to hypocrites…

    I don’t think KSI was trying to imply that the “west” is superior to that area of the world, just that he hopes MJ gets stoned to death. not nice, but I don’t think there was a “western bias” there.

    and although I don’t know about Bahrain specifically, they DO still stone people to death in that part of the world. usually a woman who has had sex outside of marriage.

    I’m curious…what comments have you heard that are racist, sexist, or homophobic regarding MJ? and the comments that imply the west is superior? Are you referring to this site specifically? because I don’t see any “anti-middle east” comments or any racist/sexist/homophobic comments. The only comments I’ve read here have to do with the pedophilia and the way he treats his own kids.

  15. Hypocrites-R-Us

    I had a feeling you’d say that… I don’t think KSI ment it that way either but that “region” is huge and often include, in the western mind, Africa too. They stone people in some *regions* in some countries and to me that’s a little different since that makes it more of a local custom. It’s hardly something they do in Bahrain.
    I’ve seen the above pix been printed/posted here and there and the caption mostlty reads “MJ in drag”. I’ve also read the comments from people familiar with the outfit he’s wearing and they all say he’s wearing a man’s outfit! To me this is just *one* example of the colonial attitude that west has against east. Nobody bothered to ask before jumping to the conclusion that he was wearing womens clothes.

    I’m not saying people can’t be bitchy or mean but to be just plain ignorant,hypocritical,racist, homophobic or sexist is just not on! I’ve seen gay-activists post homophobic slurs at Michael Jackson! A man wearing makeup is still a source of irritation for people who in other posts migth claim to be perfectly fine with it. It’s also in these posts that I find that the persons real veiw on women can be clearly illuminated. There seems to be a lot of “clostet racists” out there and this was especially clear during last years trial. Someone would bring up OJ and sooner or later someone would “go there”. I don’t think these people are about to burn crosses and round up the posse but it’s like these things just “slip out” in a thread where everyone are trying to think of new ways to insult the “subject”.

    If I were you I’d read the next MJ-post with open eyes(and mind) and trust me you’ll see them! Of course the effect is greater when you see people you know well doing it. Strangers migth be assholes IRL too!

    (And you’ll have to excuse me but I think this will be my last reply. I’m not sure were I’ll be today and it’s getting harder to find the post. Nice talking to ya!)

  16. Filip

    I would say he isn’t a freak, just strange, but he creates the world’s most fantastic music and I believe he is one of the nicest (naivest) and most kind person on the planet.

    He just seem so kind, Jackson is nothing but a genius.

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