Michael is So Last Year, Meet Mychael Knight

“Project Runway” was the highlight of my weekday evening. Tim Gunn and his backhanded catty comments made me feel like he was my long lost brother. Jeffery may have walked away with the grand prize but Mychael is still clinging to his dream. Besides changing the “i” to a “y” in his name, his website boasts a few projects he is working on. “Knight,” a fragrance that is “coming soon” and an underpants line are just two of his undertakings. The “Dick and Kitty” line of panties and briefs appear to be a mixture nylon and pleather in a slight dominatrix style.

Knight also has his name on a collaboration with Starbucks. Yes, the overrated coffee chain tapped into Mychael and his talent to create a line of t-shirts. The tops then found their way into the hands of some B-list celebrity presenters at the Golden Globes. Each shirt now features the autograph of either Tina Fey, Jenna Fischer, Terrence Howard, most of the cast of Hereos, Jennifer Hudson, or David Marquette (just to name a few). Starbucks graciously donated the tops to be auctioned off on Clothes Off Our Backs. On January 25th, the 27 shirts officially went on the market. The proceeds will benefit the Children’s Defense Fund, Cure Autism Now and the emergency relief efforts in Darfur.

Don’t worry. You have until March 15th to decide wether or not you need a Starbucks top signed by Nancy O’Dell that will (as of this moment) cost you $0.00. Ouch.