Michael Hutchence Is Rolling Over In His Grave

June 21st, 2004 // 5 Comments

michael_hutchenceLet’s just file this in the just plain sad department. The remaining members of Australian pop/rock group INXS, are shopping a reality show created by Mark Burnett, in which they will have an American Idol type contest to find a new lead singer for the group. Why can’t people just let bands die?

I’ve always had this strange attraction to Michael Hutchence, and he’s probably rolling over in his grave right now. Unless you are from Australia, I’ll bet you can’t name another member of INXS. Michael Hutchence was INXS. For the remaining members of the group to try and drum up publicity for a group re-launch is just plain sad.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. simple reason: $$$

  2. Rachel

    I *am* Australian and I still can’t name anyone else from INXS except Hutchence. This’ll be a grand flop.

  3. Dani

    I started listening to INXS in the early 90′s and enjoyed their music quite a bit. After about 5 years away from their sound, I have recently started listening to them again and am quite impressed as to how their music is still relevant and fresh-sounding now. While a reality-type show may be a controversial concept in terms of choosing a new lead singer, I think it is premature and inaccurate to assume that there is no longer an audience for the band. Michael Hutchence was an amazing stage presence to be sure,something that seems to have overshadowed the fact that THE BAND had a sound all their own. Garry Beers came up with the originl idea for “Listen Like Thieves.” Jon Farriss wrote the music for “Disappear.” If you ever actually listen to the music behind the lyrics,(i.e the soulful sax playing of Kirk Pengilly on MEDIATE, or his moody guitar lines on SUICIDE BLONDE or any other number of songs)you’d be hard-pressed to deny that Jon, Andrew, &Tim Farriss as well as Garry Beers and Kirk Pengilly are essential to what made INXS all that we loved about it. Michael himself once famously said that without Andrew, one half of the writing team for most of the albums, INXS would have no music to play.

    By the time ROCK STAR airs in 2005, it will have been about 8 years since Hutchence’s death. If the remaining members had really wanted to capitalize on the loss of their lead singer, they could have exploited him or their sound in any number of ways over the last 8 years. I think they have waited this long out of respect, personal grief, and a need to be meticulous in their search. As they have said, no one will ever replace Michael, but they think, as I do, he would have wanted the band to go on.

  4. munkyfellover

    I’m not from Australia and I know every member of Inxs. would you mind telling me who this Michael Hutchence’s is ? Michael Hutchence maybe?
    Terrwat !
    At least get your grammar/spelling right before you rant !

  5. Grey

    I am from Seattle, USA and I can name the surviving members – mostly because of Andrew’s ability to write well. I think this is a bad choice but mostly because they share the same airspace as desparate c-list stars struggling to stay relevant. INXS was fantastic and largely because of Hutchence. They need to take a lesson from the Doors and just let it go. Or at the very least, change the name of the group. INXS died in 1997, sadly.

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