Michael Douglas And Catherine Zeta Jones Won’t Reproduce Again

June 21st, 2006 // 13 Comments

Well, well. At 61, Michael Douglas is finally hanging up his penis. It’s about time. I’m assuming Catherine is relieved by this news. Douglas is said to be happy with his two young children that he has with Catherine Zeta Jones, and his older son, Cameron, from his former marriage.

“We are enjoying our two children right now, and we want to keep it that way. I’m happy. “Cath comes from a family of three, but if she can try to see her 28-year-old stepson as a third child that will be fine with me.”

More photos of Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas visiting a hospital, after the jump.

Douglas: Not More Babies For Me [contactmusic]


By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. delicious_dysfunktion

    …And the world breathes a collective sigh of relief.

  2. Randi

    I still can’t figure out what the hell CZJ sees in this old fart. She’s (relatively) young, goodlooking, has money and a career of her own –so why settle for some ugly old geezer? Don’t tell me its personality — the creep is a ‘reformed’ sex addict and I’ve read enough interviews with him to get the impression he thinks that once he dies he’ll rise from the dead three days later.

  3. maryanne29

    She sees the same thing in him that Heather McCartney saw in Sir Paul. A certain amount of respectability with $$$$$$. I’ve heard Catherine has the same sort of dubious background as Heather.

  4. Small Fry

    Every time I see him it reminds me of this joke I saw. The old man in the joke was shocking his penis with a defibrillator. I imagine MD and CZJ have one on their bedside table.

  5. netty

    Yeah, hang up that wrinkly, droopy, old man’s penis already Michael.

  6. urbancowgrl

    Maybe she’s getting ready to split with him and he’s prepping the press to make it look like they’ll split becuase she wants more children and he doesn’t and not because he’s looking too old. Sounds stupid, but you never know with these people.

  7. orangeisthenewpink

    old balls…..GAG ME WITH A SPOON!

  8. Tealeaf

    Catherine and GranDaddy! Awesome. What Cat sees is money, fame…= reason to marry Micheal Douglas.

  9. Urbancowgrl

    Eww. I wonder what old balls look like. Eww. No, really.

  10. mofatt

    Thank God!

  11. Vee

    She loves him! why would she waste time having children with a man she didn’t love…she’s an A-lister and she’s successful in her own right.

    She loved him..and he got lucky : O

    Look at Sophia Loren and her marriage to a man 30years her senior; he just died at the age of 92 and she is in her 70′s: she stayed with him all those years..
    Some people see the bond as special; some of us want a mate closer to our own age, but sometimes life just happens.

    I say, give her the benefit of the doubt.

  12. I agree.. this has to be love. She was famous in the UK before she moved to US then she had 2 huge movies here and was already famous and rich before she dated him. She has also had his children! why would you have children with someone you didn’t love? I personally like older men as well.. much older. And my reasons are because they are more mature and seem to be more caring than younger men. It has nothing to do with money or security for me. And, I’m sure it’s the same with her. And F.Y.I. older men do not have saggy balls.. whoever writes this stuff obviously doesn’t know what they’re talking about. I can guarantee most people writing nasty stuff about old men are YOUNG men who are jealous.. or girls who have never dated an older man. I am telling you there is something about older men and i’m sure Catherine and Michael are in love. She’s already rich on her own!

  13. jeff888

    She is with him because sociopaths with power are willing to do anything to protect their image.

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