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March 13th, 2006 // 68 Comments

“I don’t know about Brad Pitt,” says Douglas, “leaving that beautiful woman [Jennifer Aniston] to go hold orphans for Angelina [Jolie]. I mean how long is that going to last?”

(Source: Rush & Molloy)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Emily

    I agree but I think ppl now should seriously get over it.

  2. YOURface

    could not have said it better … the man just wanted some strange … nothing wrong with that … if you have to hold orphans to get some strange then so be it

  3. mariel

    what the hell do you care OLD MICHAEL…. dont u think your wife is looking as old as you are right now? i guess Brad is just man enough to care for those children and to stand for a woman who is not just all glamour but is more concern about things with a good cause. but hey! angelina is far more gorgeous than jennifer aniston and your wife catherine!

  4. I don’t know about that Michael Douglas…wondering what the attraction to Angelina might be…

  5. j

    Um dumbshit, Brad is adopting those orphans of Angelina’s, and SHE is having his baby, there is a little more to it than just holding Angelina’s orphans, what an idiot

  6. Mariah

    What an absolutely insukting thing to say…

    Didn’t he do the same when he cheated on his wife with his new, narcissistic, me me me wife-CZJ

    I wish that all of these celebrities that don’t contribute at all to the common good would just go far, far away… no one cares about you anyway!!

  7. Mariah

    What an absolutely insulting thing to say…

    Didn’t he do the same when he cheated on his wife with his new, narcissistic, me me me wife-CZJ

    I wish that all of these celebrities that don’t contribute at all to the common good would just go far, far away… no one cares about you anyway!!

  8. lucrece

    “hold orphans for Angelina”? I think his comments are simply and truly disgraceful!!! instead of commenting on other people’s children he ‘d better take care of his oldest son!! with a father like that, no wonder he turned to drugs!!!

  9. Emily

    Damn everyone calm down let the old man say whatever he wants to say..hes like 70 years old he doesnt know what hes saying. :/

  10. Cheesy

    Yeouch!! Geesh, Michael, stitches from your last face lift irritating you? Or have you finally just turned into the grumpy old man finally?

    Hmmm… One wonders: If leaving milquetoast Jennifer for exotic Angie and babies makes no sense, what sense does Catherine signing up for geriatric care and cashing Social Security checks for Michael make?

  11. Marial

    shut up old man!

  12. Wake Forest

    Michael needs to shut his old pussy lips up. Angie is waaaay better than old Catherine

  13. bamz9LOVE

    I hope Brad & Angelina shine that old freak on, and keep on about their business. They’re their only people not discussing “themselves”, and I love it.

  14. Me

    I really believe Brad was on a different path than Jennifer. I don’t think he is into the Hollywood grind anymore. And then he met Angelina and she was actually doing all the things he thinking about getting into. What could be more attractive than that? People grow apart thats all.

  15. Michael Medication

    Why doesn’t his rich Hollywood brat ass go out and adopt somem orphans? how dare he? “Holding orphans”? What is wrong with that?

    Are orphans lesser people. What a prick. That is why his ex wife Diandra took him to the cleaners and now he is married to a woman who is only with him for his fame and power.

    What an ass? He needs to pay attention to his druggie son. What an ass?

    If Brad has given up everything to hold orphans then you know what – more power to him.

    Everyone should be “holding orphans”.

    Micahel go stock up on your viagra, ass wipe.

  16. Shannon

    Michael Douglas really does not have room to be talking about what other people see in each other. I have always wondered why a young, drop dead gorgeous woman like Catherine Zeta Jones would want with his old behind!

  17. Thaddeus van Worthingheimer

    Let me get this straight.

    Me making a joke at Harry Belafonte’s age = unthinkable, lacking in taste, and insensitive

    Everyone else making a joke at Michael Douglas’s age = funny and deserved, because he made some comments on Angelina Jolie’s many orphans.

    So, exactly how many racial inequality parades does Michael Douglas have to march in for it also to become inappropriate and insensitive for comments on his age to be made?

    Furthermore, I can see where Michael Douglas is coming from. Brad Pitt left his adorably attractive wife for white trash. Crazy white trash at that.

  18. bamz9LOVE

    Me said: Posted on March 13, 2006 07:33 PM

    “I really believe Brad was on a different path than Jennifer. I don’t think he is into the Hollywood grind anymore. And then he met Angelina and she was actually doing all the things he thinking about getting into. What could be more attractive than that? People grow apart thats all.”

    That’s exactly what I believe.

    Posted on March 13, 2006 07:33 PM

  19. Babe

    Shut up Michael Douglas!! U sex-addict! U left ur ex Diadra coz u had problems being faithful, remember??? What a loser! And what have u done to the beautiful Zeta Jones?? She’s all wrinkly nw.
    U dont knw Brad, sure, and dont talk about him holding orphans..he’s a changed man, he’s trying to be a better person, what is wrong with that? And he’s happy happy happy. It is soo obvious when he’s with Angie. It doesnt matter how long they’ll last..but one thg for sure..Chinnifer Manniston is NOT A “BEAUTIFUL WOMAN”. period. Thank u. Phew..

  20. jodroc

    I think that is one of the funniest comments i have ever heard. I love Michael Douglas. I love Catherine and i love their total embrace of their hedonistic rich and fantastic life. Perhaps it is not totally morally correct, but superstars should live like that….dress in versace, holiday in the bahamas and work every now and again.

  21. Rumor

    I think Michael Douglas is probably a little bit jealous, wishing he had a shot. But alas, he’s an old married man now.

  22. x

    It ia obvious MD is suffering from senile dementia. Or all the drugs and anesthesia from all those face lifts have turned his brain into mush. His divorce was not even final when CZJ became pregnant. He cheated on Diandra all through the marriage. He was living with Brenda Vaccaro whe he started with Diandra. He is as old if not older than CZJ father.—

  23. Michael Douglas' Old Fart

    #17 – What does race have to do with this moron? Harry Belafonte from what I hear attacks the president for his fictitious war. I applaud that. Bush is a PIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and a COKE addict!

    So is Michael Douglas. old fart. Viagra anyone? Who attacks anybody for “holding orphans”? What an ass. He wishes he could be Brad.

    Brad is gorgeous. Michael Douglas is FUGLY!!!!!!!!!


    Angelina is not White Trash. Her mother is a beautiful French Canadian actress and her dad is a wonderful American actor. She is a Hollywood kid – that does not constitue White Trash.

    Look, Angelina looks like a movie star in the true sense of the word – like Sophia Loren – a sexy sexy sexy woman.

    Maniston looks like every cheap plain girl you can find at the mall. She got lucky. That chin. That nose. Those beady eyes. And that pity me shit. CHINNIFER IS A DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOG!

  25. luvdee


  26. Jenny

    I am not big on how Brad and Angelina developed but if they click then so be it……

    There is no need to attack anyones character.

    Spitting contests are worth nothing.

  27. ASanti1275

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion, like all of you here. JA is not looking for pity. She has made that very clear. She has moved on. It seems here that you all forget the value of marriage. You all condone Brad’s infidelity. There is no excuse for it. It was way obvious he was being unfaithful and that AJ is nothing but an easy lay. She went on a manhunt and got lucky. Found another easy lay. As far as I’m concerned, Brad showed his true colors. JA is the lucky one. Now she can finally be with a real man with whom she can be happy with. Life goes on people. Whether you consider JA beautiful or not, she still didn’t deserve to be publicly humiliated by her husband or that tart. Nobody does. I don’t care how much good AJ does. She’s not the only person on this planet that does. When you can’t show respect for another person, it just shows how little or no respect you have for yourself.

  28. robb257731

    ASanti, I agree with you one hundred percent. A classy reply if ever there was one.
    As for MD’s original comment…..it made me smirk, and I’m not going to pretend otherwise.

  29. SAAB

    Let us not forget that this interview took place in a bar. MD was probably getting good and hammered and the journalist just let the tape roll. He probably doesn’t even remember saying half of this stuff.

  30. FDM

    I think Michael is absolutely right. The only thing Angelina has going for her is the fact that she is just plain white trash and of course that is what nasty men like. Jennifer Anniston and Catherine are two very beautiful women who want people to think more of them than just nasty trash.

  31. ladybug

    Hahahhaha… #24 was very, very funny. Angelina Jolie being a true movie star, like Sofia Loren, is an absolute joke. With movies like Tomb Raider, Hackers, Alexander, and the soft core porn Original Sin she really did leave her mark in the cinema world. Or maybe you were referring to her glamorous antics outside of the movie screen? The blood drinking, knife collecting, father hating,relatives kissing part? Yes, very reminiscent of stars like Sofia Loren.



    ANGELINA JOLIE= 2 Golden Globes, One Oscar, 2 SAG Awards, $485 million box office returns for Mr & Mrs Smith, Tomb Raider smash Hit, Goddess, Beautiful rare looking woman, Don’t hate , the numbers speak for themselves.

    Thing about the beauties of Hollywood, Charlize Theron, Halle Berry, you think Chinnifer compares? hell no. She is ugly plain girl who got lucky. Whining fool.

    Also, what do you know of Sofia Loren’s private life? Maybe she was a freak too. Angelina is a freak thus her appeal. Mysterious, dark, controversial, gorgeous, humanitarian, talented, beautiful ,

    all this= the makings of a huge star.

    It sets the women apart from the little girls. Aniston is Gidget and Angelina is Sofia/Liz Taylor, etc.
    Accept it.

  33. Kirk Douglas

    Jeez, what a jerk!

  34. Canada Rules

    Calling Angelina Jolie “white trash” is absolutely ridiculous (nothing in her upbringing had her eating cheetoes in a trailerpark while one of mom’s many boyfriends had her selling marijuana to the kids at her elementary school). Saying that she is not a movie star, a la Sofia Loren, is also silly (Sofia Loren started out doing nude scenes, married an older man who had been married, won an Oscar, etc.). Angelina is a movie star in the truest sense of the word. She is extremely beautiful, fit, and glam. AND, people have a huge desire/need to know about her life, and any and all of the “sordid” things that have supposedly happened in it. This goes back to the early movie-going public’s voracious consumption of mags like Photoplay, Silver Screen, Motion Picture, etc. To top it all off, Angelina gives huge amounts of money and time to UN projects, and charities. She does this because she has the time, money, and means, BUT, more importantly, she has the DESIRE to do it. Movie tickets aren’t sold by UN Goodwill Ambassadors, but by movie stars. Michael Douglas’ comment is ignorant, and clearly stems from the fact that he is trying to make Jen Aniston feel better about herself. They are probably friendly acquaintances, if not friends. And Jen has publicly admitted to being insecure about her looks from a young age (the whole, beautiful mother, plain daughter comparison situation that many young girls negatively experience in a society that values beauty and youth above almost everything). So, this bitchy comment is easily figured out. As for Catherine ZJ, I think she is drop-dead gorgeous (more beautiful than Angelina, in my opinion), and it wasn’t with her that Michael was cheating on Diandra. He and Diandra had already busted up because of his cheating when he met and began pursuing CZJ. Whoa, long post….

  35. ladybug

    First of all I never said anything about Jeniffer Aniston so stop babbling on and on about her. And yes I agree that she isn’t the best looking out there and her movie roles are very one dimensional but one has been done to her is still very wrong and immoral.
    Second of all awards mean nothing. People like Alfred Hitchcock, Martin Scorsese, Stanley Kubrick, Johnny Depp, and Greta Garbo to name few never won an Oscar. These are skilled people. On the other hand of the spectrum we have people like Angelina Jolie, Halle Berry (whose career has gone down the drain), the performers of Its Hard Out Here For a Pimp, and the like. So I personally don’t think that awards are good indicator of “star quality”. I think the same about movies making money at the box office. Wow, most of the movies that make a lot of money are trash. SawII made a lot of money, and so did X-men but lets face it making money and being blockbuster movies doesn’t mean they are good movies. Who is going to consider Saw II a classic in ten years? Who is going to consider any of Jolie’s films a classic?
    Face it your huge star made money, your huge stars flaunted her naked body in about half her films, your huge star made headlines but your huge star doesn’t have any good movies (besides Girl, Interrupted but letting considering that psycho played a psycho hardly means she has any acting skill).

    p.s: I really hope that Sofia Loren is not like that in her private life because that would make the world lose a lot of respect for the actually beautiful, talented actress. Its really an insult to put her in the same sentence with Jolie.

    P.S: Jolie may not be classy exactly but she isnt white trash. britney Spears is….

  36. pooky

    When it comes to acting there are two categories. Stars like Marilyn Monroe and Lauren Bacall. And Tarts like Lindsay Lohan and Angelina Jolie. Putting Jolie with the stars is ridiculous.


    Ladybug: This is so typical of people who don’t like a certain star to discredit the entire movie system just to prove their point.

    If we do not use awards, box office stats and the likes to rate a star, then what is left? I agree Awards miss great talent all the time. But box office stats can be a great indication of a star’s quality. Because the public is not as stupid as Hollywood makes us out to be. We go see films that are good with stars that are captivating.

    Angelina is not your typical Hollywood starlet thus making her appeal even more astounding. She is not blonde, she is not super volumptuous, she has admitted to being bisexual, she has admitted to having a dark childhood (obsession with knives and death) yet, people go see her films – over and over again.

    Why? She has the unexplainable thing. It is not something you learn in acting school, it is not something you plan, it is simply what sets a HUGE star apart from a starlet.

    For all intents and purposes, Angelina should not of been a huge star. She is too dark and controversial yet audiences somehow respond to that in a world where blonde and girl next door seem to be commonly appealing – she comes off as a refreshing alternative.

    Nobody forced people to see Mr & Mrs Smith just for publicity sake. If that were the case, the movie should of failed after the first two weeks of the “bruhaha” but no, people kept going back to see her and him in that movie.

    She has an appeal. You can’t deny it. That is what a star is made of.

    Aniston has an appeal – for TV. you can’t deny that. I don’t think Angelina would work in TV – she is almost bigger than life – it’s weird. Whereas Aniston’s plainness is comforting for people who just had a long day at work and don’t want their senses to be challenged. So they sit down and watch Friends and they can put the kids down to bed and go off the next day to work their 9-5pm.

    Angelina is a Friday night date. After a long week, you change from your work clothes, put on some perfume, take the boyfriend with you and get lost in her magic. She is a long tall glass of Martini. She is intoxiccating and seductive and addictive and beautiful. She is the Big screen. In that sense, you can compare her to Sofia, Marilyn Monroe and all of the magical superstars.

    No one says she is Meryl Streep but she is Hollywood magic. She is intoxicating. Hollywood knows this and this is why she gets these endless script offers. Her star power = dollars.

    Ansiton has proven so far that her star power does not equal dollars. She is trying hard to make the transition.

    Angelina is already there. She is a contemporary Ava Gardner, Sofia, Liz Taylor, etc. – those dark beauties whose lives were public fascination and with much specualtion.

    That, my friends, sets apart the Gidgets from the SOFIAS.

    Angelina is a BADASS.

  38. Thaddeus van Worthingheimer

    #23: Criticisms of President Bush and the war are not why I find Harry Belafonte less than desirable. It was his calling Condoleeza Rice and Colin Powell “uncle Toms” that really did it for me. It’s bad enough that he has the nerve to think that the general public actually cares about rants and ravings of an old has-been.

    Chinnifer: Angelina Jolie married Billy Bob Thornton. She has tattooes scattered all over her. She made out with her brother on the red carpet. Yep, sure as hell sounds like white trash to me.

    Furthermore, comparing Angelina Jolie to Sophia Lauren is so ridiculous that it borders on offensive.

  39. Tad,

    please explain how comparing A.J. to S.L. is offensive? that makes no sense, whatsoever.

  40. Canada Rules

    Okay, here is one particularly interesting section from an online bio of Ms. Loren, ending in an interesting quote from the screen goddess:

    In The Pride and the Passion (1957), the new sensation teamed with a bewitched Cary Grant, who impulsively proposed matrimony. The crisis his ardo caused finally moved Ponti to the divorce courts in Mexico, where both the dissolution and his marriage to Loren were performed by proxy. The tactic was publicly denounced by the Vatican; not recognizing the Mexican divorce, they villified Ponti as a bigamist and his new wife as a concubine. Observers were amused by the coupling of the short, portly producer with the statuesque siren, but the bride herself was lucid in her analysis of the situation: “I needed a father. I needed a husband. I was adopted by Carlo and I married my father.”

  41. What is White Trash In definition?

    #38: I did not hear about Harry calling anyone Uncle Toms. I suppose that is his right. Either way, why bring this up? this is not the issue here.

    Also, why can’t Harry speak his mind because he is a “has been”. America allows all people to speak their minds, the homeless man on the corner…anyone.

    That said, please define “White Trash” then. I thought a person had to be “born White Trash” to be White Trash.

    Is it a behavior thing? If that is the case, are Bush’s daughters White Trash for drinking and getting caught with no proper ID?

    Is Donald Trump White Trash? Is Paris Hilton, heir to one of the biggest American fortunes, White Trash? Is any “ordinary” White person behavior White Trash? I am seriously asking.

    I don’t see how being born to a well to do Hollywood actor and a French actress and going to Beverly Hills High then NYU makes you White Trash?

  42. Canada Rocks and Chinnifer is SOOO Ugly EWWW

    #40: You are amazig! Thank you for the research.

    If Angelina is so decadent and bad and promiscuous then certainly your piece proves that she certainly can be compared to Sofia Loren.

    THANK YOU Canada. That is why we love having you guys as neighbors.


    Sofia Loren was not a saint. Angelina is not either. So what? But they are both fabulous and gorgeous and talented and seductive and HUGE stars. I think they are very similar and Angelina is a modern day Sofia. thanks #40. great point.

  44. Canada Rules

    Aww shucks,
    Thanks. And no matter what we say, we love you guys, too. In fact, even though the whole world “hates” America, I think we are all secretly, undeniably, fascinated and attracted by her, and all of her weirdness, too :) I’ll bet even Osama has a couple of Us Weeklies lying around the ol’ cave, wondering about the REAL reason Nicole and Paris broke up…

  45. Canadian Neighbor

    Osama is very disturbed that Nicole and DJ AM are on and off on and off again.

    He probably does not approve of Paris’ antics. Oh, that Osama.

    Answer on question, why is it so darn cold in Canada? GEEZ!

  46. Angie Fan




  47. Natasha

    Despite thinking Michael Douglas should shut up…. I still seriously doubt that Brad and Angelina will grow old together. This is Hollywood afterall…. and I think Angelina will eventually get bored.

  48. las

    Can you say, bitter old fart?

    Whether Angelina and Brad do last (and they will be tied together forever by their baby, whether or not they remain a couple), Michael I-dropped-my-wife-and-first-kid-for-Catherine Douglas is in no position to criticize.

    “Hold orphans for Angelina”? Wow, how dare he be happy with somebody other than Jennifer — and with KIDS, no less! Horrors! Douglas should shut up and mind his own business, especially since he seems unable to control his vitriol.

    And though Sophia was a lot less wild than Angelina, even during le scandale, I do agree that Angelina is following in her footsteps — she has IT, the sultry attractiveness that is better than beauty, the allure that makes men go off their heads. If they ever remake “Cleopatra,” she should be the lead.

  49. lucrece

    well, Sophia LOREN went to jail for a couple of months in the early 80′s for tax evasion i think, how’s that for a BAAAD girl!!! the tabloids had a field day with her in the 60′s and 70′s what with her affairs with numerous Hollywood stars and controversial relationship with Carlo PONTI. Angelina, Brad etc…. didn’t invent anything! anyway that’s their lives and they are enjoying themselves and their children.
    What MD said was distasteful especially for someone who has children

  50. John 90210

    I prefer THE BLONDE, you know, fit, blue-eyed beach babe types. Marilyn Monroe just had blonde hair, nothing exciting except vulnerability. A gorgeous golden surfer girl rocks my world.

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