Michael Phelps Speedos It Up In Miami, Won’t Be Doing So In Rio [PHOTOS]

Michael Phelps Showers
Swimmer Michael Phelps takes a very public shower.
While Michael Phelps was spotted donning a Speedo and getting his swim on in Miami earlier today, he has squashed any rumors that he will be swimming in the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

Phelps denied rumors that he would come out of retirement for the 2016 Olympics when he was in Rio de Janeiro last week. Teammate Ryan Lochte started the rumors in December when he predicted Phelps would come back. Phelps made it clear, though, that he’s done. 

“It has been an amazing career, and it is crazy to think that it is over,” Phelps said in Brazil while accepting the Exceptional Achievement Award at the Laureus World Sports Awards, according to UPI. “But I’ve done everything that I wanted to do in sport. “I wanted to change swimming and take it to a level, and I have. But I will continue to be a part of sport and help grow sports. That is a goal and a passion of mine.”

Phelps said he will be in Rio in 2016, but only as a spectator. Sometimes it is definitely best to quit while you’re ahead.

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