Michael Phelps Promotes Head & Shoulders In A Speedo [PHOTOS]

Shirtless! Shirtless!
Michael Phelps in his element.
It might have been an awkward photoshoot for Michael Phelps, but we were OK with watching him wash his hair in just a Speedo.  Phelps announced his partnership with Head & Shoulders shampoo today (February 8th) at Soho House in New York City to promote their “Wash In Confidence” campaign. 

While in the city, Phelps watched the ticker tape parade to welcome home Super Bowl XLVI winners, the New York Giants.  “A lot of people were counting them out,” Phelps told Reuters. “It’s the same thing in any sport you do, you have to be ready at any given time and the most prepared people always win.”  Phelps also spent time in the Bronx at a boys and girls club swimming with and answering questions about his career, which includes eight Olympic gold medals.

“I’m here to help these guys understand that anything is possible,” Phelps said.  “The most important thing is being to get that message across, that anything you want to achieve, if you want it bad enough, I think that’s something a lot of people know but they can’t realize how real it is.  If you put your heart and soul into a goal, something you really do want to achieve then you really are going to accomplish it. No matter what it is.”