Michael Phelps And Model Girlfriend Megan Rossee Make Red Carpet Debut [PHOTOS]

Michael Phelps Showers
Swimmer Michael Phelps takes a very public shower.
That’s Megan Rossee, a 25-year-old cocktail waitress and model that Michael Phelps, 27, began dating five months ago. He kept it on the down-low; anyone that follows her on Twitter knows she didn’t.

While he deferred on questions about his relationship during the London Games, Rossee was rather public about their affection via Twitter — with messages such as “good luck bear” before a race as well as, “This probably will get lost in your tweets but since i cant text i miss you and cant wait to spend time with you for real xo.”

All together now – awwwwww.

According to her modeling profile, the aspiring catwalk star is a natural blonde with blue-green eyes. 

In the profile, she writes, “I am super easy going and pretty much down for any type of project (that doesn’t involve nudity). I love what I do.”

The Olympics gold medalist took the leggy blonde to the Speedo Athlete Celebration in London on Monday evening, August 6. They were all smiles as they posed for photographers on the red carpet.

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