Michael Phelps And His Facial Hair Visit FOX News To Promote Golf Quest [PHOTOS]

Michael Phelps Showers
Swimmer Michael Phelps takes a very public shower.
Michael Phelps Golfs
Michael Phelps enjoys some water golf.
Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps is apparently determined to become a professional golfer now.

Phelps, who holds the all-time records for Olympic gold medals, is now working with top golf coaches to perfect his drive, swing and putting.

The 27-year-old, seen here during an appearance yesterday (February 25, 2013) on FOX and Friends, says that he always wanted to golf when he was a kid and is now enjoying tackling this sport.

The 18-time Olympic gold medalist is the latest celebrity student of golf pro Hank Haney, on The Golf Channel’s Haney Project. Haney used to prep Tiger Woods to win majors. Now he’s prepping Phelps to break 90, a goal Phelps says he recently reached. 

He revealed on Today, “I’m living out of a suitcase, using the golf club a lot and traveling the world… It’s probably the most humbling thing I’ve ever done… It’s brutal. It’s fun. You get to see some amazing golf courses.

“I used to always want to golf when I was a kid and actually at one point in high school I wanted to quit swimming and be on the golf team…but now here we are and I’m tackling this sport.”

His golfing coach, Hank Haney, is one of the most respected gurus of the game.

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