Michael Phelps Admits He Pees In The Pool, Wears Pink Pants

Michael Phelps Showers
Swimmer Michael Phelps takes a very public shower.
Thanks for being so honest, Michael Phelps! I’ll make a mental note not to ever swim next to you.

The 22-time-Olympic medalist recently told TMZ, “Everyone pees in the pool,” said Phelps, who looked noticeably annoyed by the paparazzi. “It’s normal for everyone to pee in the pool.”

Uh, first of all, I’m sure not everyone pees in the pool. I surely don’t! (Okay well I did when I was like 5 but that doesn’t count in this situation).

This guy has won 18 gold metals and he admits that he pees in the pool? Gross. I guess we all shouldn’t be too surprised though since he probably spends more than half of this day in the pool.

 Can we also please take a second to talk about Michael’s outfit choice in the gallery above? Pink pants and a grey v-neck? Really?

Sorry, I know it sounds like I am sipping on some serious haterade today, but I just don’t get it.

Anyway, tell us your thoughts of Michael urinating in Olympic pools below!