Michael Jackson’s Trial Continues On. Oldest Son, Prince Michael, Testifies As Home Videos Are Played In Court.

Prince Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson's son pays tribute to his late father.
An emotional Prince Michael Jackson gave a testimony about his personal encounters days before the King of Pop, his father, Michael Jackson passed away in 2009.

“My dad was hanging half off the bed, and his eyes kind of rolled in the back of his head.”

Prince Jackson, who was 13 at the time of his father’s death, was obviously left with some horrific images of his historic father.

Prince, now 16, said he was called upstairs June 25, 2009, the morning his father died in their LA home, only to be forever scarred by the image of Dr. Conrad Murray attempting CPR.

This testimony was the first time Prince spoke publicly about his father’s death; needless to say, it was obvious how shaken-up he still is about his late father.

Prince went on to say,

“My sister came upstairs, but we kept pulling her downstairs. She was screaming the whole time saying she wants her daddy.”

Prince described the traumatic experience in full detail. He said he was in tears when the paramedics arrived, and all family was hopeful as they followed the rescue vehicles to the UCLA Medical Center.

“I told my sister something that my dad always told us, that angels were still watching over him, and there had to be angels on earth.”

“Sorry kids, dad is dead,” Prince remembers the exact moment that Murray said this bone chilling statement. Prince went on to say that the doctor had blamed a heart attack.

The heartbroken teen emotionally continued,

“Nothing will ever be the same, I can’t sleep at night. I have a hard time sleeping. For a while after he died, I became emotionally distant from a lot of people.”

Prince mentioned that his 15-year-old sister Paris, is suffering immensely. As we all know, the recovering teen recently changed her whole image and surprised most by chopping off and dying her hair. Then, if that didn’t send red flags to her family, she tried to commit suicide. Paris definitely seems to be in a dark place.

Prince is fearful when is comes to Blanket, 11, the youngest Jackson member Blanket. “[He] doesn’t have a father to guide him.”

To the outside eye, the King of Pop seemed to have strange parenting habits, but Prince’s memories differ greatly. He remembers his late father as an unconditionally loving man who instilled a strong work ethic and love of film.

Prince stated that he now has a 3.68 grade point average in high school and plans to pursue a career in film and business at the University of Southern California, USC.

Hopefully, for the sake of this suffering family, the truth emerges out of this prolonged trial.