Michael Jackson’s Kids Prince, Paris & Blanket’s Coffee Break [PHOTOS]

May 18th, 2011 // 8 Comments

Michael Jackson‘s children Prince, Paris and Blanket were spotted leaving an acting class yesterday in Hollywood. Afterwards the siblings and their bodyguards stopped to picked up some coffee.

Paris and Blanket seemed to be having a lot of fun with the paparazzi, while Prince was seemingly amused by his brother and sister’s antics. I’m so happy that these kids seem so well adjusted.

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Katherine Jackson, their grandmother and Michael Jackson’s mother, deserves a lot of credit for this. CNN recently spoke with Katherine about Michael’s kids. The youngest of Michael’s children, 9-year-old Blanket, has his own way of remembering his father. His long brown hair grows longer, reaching halfway down his back.

“He doesn’t want to cut it, so I’ve talked to him about it,” his grandmother said. “He likes it long because his father wanted him to have long hair at the time, but there will be a day that he’ll have to cut it, I think.”

Blanket studies at home with a tutor, while Prince, 14, and Paris, 13, attend classes at a private school.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Paris Blanket Prince Jackson acting class hollywood
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    I don’t see why EVERYONE says these children are completely white, when ALL three of them clearly have the white/black skin tone! The only reason people think these things is because their hair isn’t too curly, but that’s just one trait and as far as Paris having blue eye, well that doesn’t matter either because Joe Jackson has blue eyes as well and he is white/black himself! All three of these children are beautiful in my opinion and I can see some of Michael in them, especially little Blanket! I’m about 90 percent sure their all his and I’m really happy that they are getting to live a much more normal life now! :)

  2. Paris Blanket Prince Jackson coffee run
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    lovely kids. MJ was a Great dad, RIP.

  3. Paris Blanket Prince Jackson acting class hollywood
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    The children are so pretty, michael would be so proud of them
    The eyes of paris are incredible

  4. courtney

    Great kids I’m sick of people saying oh leave them alone or oh goodness they shouldn’t be taking photo of them every time they are mention in the media I think some people just don’t like hearing stories about them ,then don’t look at the photo and read the articles if u r against it simple as that . it’s nice to see them once in a while for some people .i know mike didn’t want them in the public but that when they were younger and still so young but they are getting older and it’s nice to c how they are doing after losing their beloved father if they wanna be apart of show business well that’s they choice not ours.RIP MJ. I WISH THEM THE BEST OF LUCK IN THE WORLD go for your dreams don’t let nobody stand in your way.

  5. sam

    I really do not understand how these children should be “well adjusted” and live a “more normal life” now their father is not with them anymore. This is very insulting . It’s just now they are beginning to be ABnormal. Just what Michael had avoided and I am So disgusted by a bad person like Katherine who is just used to expliot children to make money.

  6. corlista

    Michael adored these children, cherished them, educated them, gave them beautiful opportunities and experiences in their young lives. They are exactly the people he raised them to be and will be even more extraordinary as adults – just like their father. I’m tired of people (family included) acting like these beautiful children grew out of a tree stump. They are who they are because of their father and his love for them. Period!

  7. Paris Blanket Prince Jackson acting class hollywood
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    These kids really are amazing just like their father..

  8. foram patel

    wow its cool to see them happy and prince is just looking so hot and paris is amazing

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