Michael Ian Black Recalls His ‘Wet Hot American’ Sex Scene With Bradley Cooper

One of our favorite VH1 panelists Michael Ian Black spoke to Ben Harvey and Dave Rubin from The Six Pack on Sirius Radio, and the topic of a Wet Hot American Summer sequel came up.  Black confirmed that pretty much everyone is signed up for another go’ at Camp Firewood except for Bradley Cooper.

“Bradley Cooper is the one person who has not signed on yet, but we might be able to convince him!” Black said.  “All I know about it at this point is it’s in very early stages. Almost everybody from the original movie has said ‘yes we’d love to do another one’; it’s Paul Rudd, Amy Poehler, Molly Shannon, Janeane Garofalo, David Hyde Pierce and Chris Meloni.”

Black also talked about that super out-of-nowhere, passionate love scene in the storage cabin between McKinley and Ben.

“I was terrified going into it, we both were. It was my first love scene in a movie, and it was my first time ever making out with a guy. What was so weird about it was once we started doing it, it was so surprising and strange to me how sort of blasé I became about it almost immediately. In a weird way it was upsetting to me that I was so comfortable making out with this dude, and having simulated sex with him!

“It struck me how sort of normal it seemed. Not enough to make me go bi, but enough to make me go ‘Oh, this isn’t anything, it’s just two people.'”

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We, the fans, are willing to do whatever it takes to get the camp counselors back together for one last talent show.