Michael Fassbender Wins At Irish Film Awards, Looks Sexy While Doing It

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Michael Fassbender Poses
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Hot damn Michael Fassbender. Hold me? The beyond sexy actor walked away victorious last night as he picked up an Irish Film & Television Award for Best Actor honoring his work in Shame. You know, Shame, the one where Michael Fassbender is naked and has sex a lot. OK, so there is so much more to the film than that and Michael is amazing, but it is definitely a plus. 

Michael seemed especially ecstatic to be picking up an award in his home country. Sure he was born in Germany, but baby was raised in Ireland. And he’s even got the super sexy accent to boot. I think Michael Fassbender should make a film where he’s just talking to the camera for 2 hours. About anything. I’d watch it. Or he can just sit. Kinda like this. I’d watch that too. 

Too bad neither of his A Dangerous Method co-stars were on hand to give some added sexy to the red carpet. Guess we’ll just have to look back at these photo for that. Launch the gallery to see all the fabulousness that Michael brings to the red carpet. Seriously, he looks so happy after winning the award it’s kinda adorable.