Michael Fassbender Talks About Sexual Obsession in ‘Shame’

Mmmm, Michael Fassbender. We should all be super excited for Michael’s new film Shame because it’s pretty much Michael being naked. OK, maybe that’s not quite what it’s all about, but whatever gets movie goers into theaters, right?

Shame is Michael’s film to premiere at the Venice Film Festival this week following A Dangerous Method. And boy did he look good on the red carpet for the premiere of that film. Shame got some high critical praise, especially for Michael. The film follows a New York man obsessed with sex from sex with random women, to prostitues and porn. His life gets a little twisted when his sister comes to stay with him and he can’t be himself.

PHOTOS: Michael Fassbender On the Set of Shame in New York

The film’s director Steve McQueen describes the film as a look at “a person who has all the Western freedoms and through his apparent sexual freedom creates his own prison.” And how did Michael feel about all the nudity and graphic sex? It was pretty uncomfortable. “The most important thing is just to make sure that everybody involved is comfortable — you know, as much as you can be — and then just sort of go for it so you don’t have to do too many takes.”

I can’t wait for both Shame and A Dangerous Method to open in a theatre near me. Imagine the epic Michael Fassbender-ness. Until those open we can always enjoy his stint in X-Men. Make sure to check out the gallery for some adorable pictures. I swoon.