Michael Fassbender Gives A Devilish Grin At JFK Airport [PHOTOS]

Michael Fassbender
The Irish star at the Berlin Film Festival.
A very smiley Michael Fassbender arrived at JFK airport in New York City yesterday (June 4) looking extra sexy.

The actor has revealed how he based his android character in Alien prequel Prometheus on one of Harrison Ford‘s more glamorous Blade Runner foes.

Fassbender says he deliberately avoided watching the old Alien movies in preparing for his role and instead concentrated on director Ridley Scott‘s other sci-fi epic.

“I made a decision not to watch the Alien movies,” says Michael. “I watched Blade Runner and I looked at the replicants. I looked at Sean Young. There was something in her character, a quality there that I kind of liked.”

As David, Fassbender has worked in huge, “insanely detailed” sets, and it is curious how he processes all that in terms of how his character would most likely regard his surroundings. “Walking around the spaceship was nuts. I felt like I was walking around a spaceship,” he enthuses

“And that is David’s home in a way. It’s almost like when everyone comes out of cryo-stasis… [and] he’s been wandering around that place for three years, and he would likely think, ‘Don’t put that there.’ Ridley said to me, ‘He’s like a butler, isn’t he?’ There was something interesting in that. Ridley comes from an art background, so the idea of texture and the physicality of a set around the actors registering on camera was something that he didn’t want to lose.”

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