Michael Fassbender Brings His Infinite Hotness To The ‘Frank’ London Premiere

Michael Fassbender GIFs!
Truly the best way to enjoy the sexy star!
Oh yes, Michael Fassbender. Stare into my soul. Learn my love for you.

The very handsome actor hit the red carpet in London today for the premiere of his latest movie Frank at the Sundance London Film and Music Festival. I wonder if Sundance London is as much fun as Sundance Park City?

Michael kept it casual on the red carpet, but did make sure to wear a leather jacket. Leather jackets are second only to long jackets in my book. 

Frank follows the story of Jon, played by Domhnall Gleeson, a young musician who joins an eccentric pop band led by Frank (Fassbender) who never removes his giant papier–mache head. No really, Michael wears a crazy mask the entire time. It seems like a pretty awesome movie–you can check out the trailer below.

Also, I love any chance to see Domhnall Gleeson on stage. There was a rumor that he would be the 12th Doctor on Doctor Who–he’s ginger!–but sadly it was all for naught.

But now I get to watch him in this. Launch the gallery to check out all the photos from the red carpet. I promise, Michael even cracks a few smiles.