Michael Fassbender Attends Premiere For The Oddly Wonderful Film ‘Frank’ In New York

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Can we agree that this guy is a little weird?

As much as we love Michael Fassbender in the X-Men series and other mainstream roles, he really shows his odd quirkiness when he takes on these insane indie films.

Fassbender has been known to play roles like Bobby Sands, an IRA member who lead a hunger strike and was nothing but skin and bones in the film Hunger, and a man with an extreme pornography and sex addiction in the movie Shame. So in this new film Frank wherein he is parading around wearing a paper mâché head and singing whacky songs willy-nilly, is a complete breath of fresh air.

Seen here, Michael Fassbender attends the New York premiere of Frankin New York City, New York on August 5th. Michael looks great with that ginger scruff and simple tee paired with a dark gray blazer and jeans. The man sure is handsome and charming, in a devilish way. Who could resist him?

According to Indie Wire, the film “tells the true story of a young keyboardist who manages to get recruited into an oddball band, with whom he tours around the country and records an album. ” It stars Maggie GyllenhaalDomhnall Gleeson, and Scoot McNairy as well.

Check out the hilarious clips of Fassbender singing, below!