Michael Cera Plays It Safe On The Set Of ‘Arrested Development’ [PHOTOS]

Michael Cera's Heart
The paparazzi has broken Michael Cera's heart.
You could say that we’re super-jazzed for a fifth season of Arrested Development, which will run 10 episodes on Netflix in 2013, according to SeattlePI.com.  Each episode with focus on a different member of the Bluth family, who are currently filming in Los Angeles.

Yesterday, Michael Cera – who plays George Michael Bluth – tried to hit on a girl from his Segway.  He shot another scene with Jason Bateman, who plays his onscreen dad.

Last week, the cast gathered at Burbank Airport, which the Huffington Post reports is serving as an Indian airport.  David Cross was dressed only in a sheet, which his character interpreted as a traditional Sari. Oh, Tobias.