Michael C. Hall Spotted With His Girlfriend In Toronto, Talks ‘Dexter’ Finale And What To Expect

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We all know him as a blood-thirsty serial killer, but Michael C. Hall is just like everybody else!

The Dexter star was spotted flying out of a Toronto airport after attending the Toronto International Film Festival! The actor sported a cap, t-shirt, and ray bans, all while holding hands with his girlfriend Morgan MacGregor.

The 42-year-old was also recently interviewed about what to expect in the series finale of Dexter!

After 8 seasons, and more than 100 kills, the show we all love is coming to an end, and the burning question is whether Dexter will get away with all his murders. After all, they are murders…

According to the writers of the show, the ending was written at the very beginning. Hall, who is also an executive producer, said:

I’m sure some people will love it and some will be horrified or scandalized, and there’s some people in…between those two things, but I think we feel like we brought it to a close that really organically feels like it makes sense to us.

The actor also spoke about the challenges that came with playing a serial killer. He said:

Initially, the character who we meet at the beginning is so far from who he is now. I think the biggest challenge was maintaining a sense of the character’s truth throughout his evolution because he went through so many twists and turns and became arguably at least more human and that was probably the hardest part.

How do you think Dexter will end? Share your thoughts in comments!

For more with Michael C. Hall and his interview, watch the video below.

By Natasha Reda

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