Michael C Hall Previews ‘Dexter’ Season 7 At Comic-Con: When Deb Meets Dex [PHOTOS & VIDEO]

Comic Con 2011
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At the end of last season of Dexter, the game changer we’ve all been waiting for on Dexter went down when Deb walked in on Dexter killing Travis in the church. So what happens next? Check out the clip below.

Cast members Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter along with guest start Yvonne Strahovski were on hand with executive producers John Goldwyn, Sara Colleton, Scott Buck and Manny Coto to discuss at this year’s Comic-Con panel.

An exclusive clip of the first two minutes of Season 7 shown to the crowd picks up right where we left off. See below for the clip along with information on where the Morgans are going in the upcoming season and how Yvonne fits into the equation.

The scene picked right up right where the sixth season ended with Jennifer Carpenter’s Deb discovering Michael C. Hall’s Dexter standing over the body of the Doomsday Killer. 

In the scene, Dexter attempts to explain the circumstance to his police officer sister. She doesn’t understand why the body is wrapped in plastic. The moment abruptly ends when Deb calls for back-up and Dexter lunges toward her.

The seventh season of Dexter premieres Sept. 30.