Michael C. Hall Is Spotted Filming For Newest Season Of Dexter [VIDEO]

Jennifer's Bangin Body
Carpenter Rocks The Emmys In A Low Cut Sequined Gown
Now that the cast of Showtime’s Dexter have revealed some juicy scenes from the latest season, fans are gearing up for what looks to be another gripping fall episode line up. The season preview is pretty amazing as well. Even if we want to avoid spoiler alerts, we simply can’t help ourselves when we see the crew filming new scenes. Just a little glimpse of the plot and a lot of Michael C. Hall’s perfectly chiseled body get us psyched on the September 30th season premiere.

Seen here, 41-year-old actor Michael C. Hall films a scene for his hit TV show Dexter in Long Beach, California on August 20th. Hellooo tight fitting turquoise polo shirt and khakis! I seriously hope that Jennifer Carpenter is getting an ex-husband with benefits situation with that handsome fella. Just saying. According to The Insider, Christina Robinson’s annoying character Astor is going to be back in the spotlight. Let’s hope she doesn’t whine nearly as much this time around.

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